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Aide helping woman with Walker TenderCare Private Services is Oklahoma-owned. We have a highly trained health care team to help you live safely and independently at home.

Case Management – Case management nurses assist you with:

  • assessing needs and goals,
  • meeting with a health care team to develop a plan to meet these needs and goals,
  • monitor your needs and service plan, and make adjustments as needed.

Skilled Nursing: The Advantage Skilled Nurse will visit you at least every six (6) months to supervise the personal care aide. In addition the skilled nurse can assist with maintenance services that are generally not covered under Medicare home health to include:

  • pre-filling insulin syringes,
  • setting up oral medication planners,
  • general health evaluations,
  • skin care for those risk for skin breakdown,
  • nail care if you have diabetes or other specific health issues,
  • monthly visit to your home when you have Advance Support / Restorative Aide services to evaluate your condition.

Personal Care Aide- The personal care aide can assist with:

  • personal hygiene,
  • remind /assist with medications,
  • assist with walking and exercises,
  • prepare meals,
  • housekeeping
  • errand / chore services.

Advance Support / Restorative Aide: The Advance Support/ Restorative aide is specially trained in maintenance services to stable, chronic conditions to include:

  • routine ostomy care,
  • catheter care,
  • administer prescribed bowel program,
  • apply medicated prescription lotion or ointments
  • non-sterile dressing changes,
  • use of hydraulic lift for transfers,
  • medication management, and
  • passive range of motion exercise.

In-Home Respite Care: Respite care is a service that provides rest or relief for those persons normally providing care to a consumer who is unable to care for themselves. Respite care can be provided on a short term episodic basis.

  • Regular respite is a period of service of at least two (2) hour’s duration but no more than seven (7) hours duration.
  • Extended respite is any period of service in excess of seven (7) hours per day.
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As a recipient of Medicare / Medicaid funds, TenderCare Private Services does not exclude, deny benefits to, or otherwise discriminate against any person on the grounds of race, color, or national origin, or on the basis of disability or age. We do not discriminate in admission to, participation in, or receipt of the services of any of its programs or in employment, whether carried out by the agency directly or through a contractor assisting with services.